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Benefits of seeking a quote at the planning stage
Set realistic budget requirements for your curtains and blinds.
Reveal options that may not be available once the build is complete.

Choose from 2 options
Indicative option
We can price using an indicative option for a range of blinds and an indicative price range for curtain fabrics.

Consultant led
Based on the plans, products and/or fabrics are selected for the windows during a visit from one of our local consultants.

Please note: the final price for both options is dependent on a final check measure and consolidation of the quote.

We recommend involving your Casa Dynasty professional consultant from the earliest stage so they can get an understanding of what you would like and the look you want to achieve. They can also advise on best practice options to ensure your builder locates timber in the correct place for fixing your curtain tracks or blinds.

The finished product
All of our curtains and blinds are crafted here in Montreal, so you can rest assured the quality will be unsurpassed, designed to not just last, but to look fantastic for years to come.

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